My name is Ian, I am a cat, and I make music. You can buy my music here, and you can listen to it here on Spotify. I’m from New England, currently living in Boston.


I started this blog to write down some of my thoughts on music, hopefully generating discourse among readers. Greil Marcus is a big inspiration. If you don’t know who he is, please go read Mystery Train.

I also want to give new artists a fair shake, offering to review just about anything, whether I like it or not. There are too many blogs that exist mainly to discuss music they simply like, and have no real critical value. This is bad for bands trying to get their first bit of press, and this is bad for music scenes everywhere because it discourages musical growth, and instead becomes an exclusive insiders club that only serves itself.


Some ground rules:

  1. I will not review music from people I know personally. If I know you personally, how can I write about your stuff with a clear head? That being said, I will update my readers with news about your band if there’s anything going on (i.e.: new music, doing cool stuff, playing big shows, tours). You get it.
  2. I am willing to review any genre of music. I’m not kidding. Try me.
  3. I will review music that I like and music that I do not like. Any press is good press. Even if I do not enjoy your music, my readers might disagree with me and load up my comments with their thoughts.
  4. If I do not like your music, please do not talk shit about me elsewhere on the internet. Be an adult, take the criticism, and move on with your life. I got like three reviews for my debut album after submitting to countless blogs and whatnot. While these were good reviews and made me feel nice, I would have loved to get a shitty review on Pitchfork just for the exposure. Hell, I would even take a mediocre review on Pitchfork. Any press is good press.
  5. Please try to link back to my review whenever possible. We all want the same things.

After reading the rules, feel free to send me links to your music here. If you send me attachments, I probably won’t listen. If you want to send me your physical media, please email me. We all like vinyl, and I like adding to my collection. I can listen to CDs and cassettes too, but please don’t send 8-tracks or reel to reel stuff.

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